Conscious Unparenting(tm)

Conscious Unparenting(tm)
Title Conscious Unparenting(tm) PDF eBook
Author Kim Kinzie
Pages 119
Release 2015-01-23
ISBN 9780986439803

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As children of the carefree 1970s, Kim Kinzie and Dawn Michael felt unprepared for the endless demands of 21st century parenting. Was it just the two of them who found motherhood so taxing? Dumbfounded, they asked fellow moms to share their feelings about raising children. Initially, conversations were polite and scripted. Determined to get to the truth, the authors took a risk and shared their deepest and darkest parenting stories. These exchanges fostered feelings of acceptance and validation. It wasn't their inept parenting skills, it was the impossible institution known as modern-day motherhood. This book is a compilation of those unedited narratives told with humor, emotion and raw honesty. It's also a call to action, as the authors seek to create a new mode of parenting that merges the best of the '70s with today; one that is less kid-centric, more parent-friendly. With a nod to celebrity elitism, they're calling this mindset "conscious unparenting ." The authors take their mission to the next level by asking readers to be part of their movement and begin a parenting revolution. And it all starts with a disco ball..."