Child of Wonder

Child of Wonder
Title Child of Wonder PDF eBook
Author Ginger Carlson
Pages 0
Release 2008
Genre Child rearing
ISBN 9780979702709

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The Artful Parent

The Artful Parent
Title The Artful Parent PDF eBook
Author Jean Van't Hul
Publisher Shambhala Publications
Pages 345
Release 2013
Genre Art
ISBN 1590309642

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 298-309) and index.

Let's Get Social

Let's Get Social
Title Let's Get Social PDF eBook
Author Ginger Carlson
Publisher International Society for Technology in Education
Pages 150
Release 2015-05-21
Genre Education
ISBN 1564845303

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In this book, educators can learn everything they need to know about integrating social learning at all grade levels using the popular educational social network, Edmodo. With valuable tips and resources for both new and experienced users, it provides immediately adaptable strategies for incorporating Edmodo’s suite of tools and apps in their classrooms. Learn how to leverage Edmodo for assessment, project-based learning, flipped classroom, gamification and more. Seasoned educators and educational technology specialists Ginger Carlson and Raphael Raphael also share how educators can expand and maximize social learning networks, specifically Edmodo, to ask questions, share knowledge and create an extended network of colleagues.


Title SuperBaby PDF eBook
Author Jenn Mann
Publisher Union Square & Co.
Pages 422
Release 2010-09-07
Genre Family & Relationships
ISBN 140278323X

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The first three years of life are the most important for nurturing a childs full potential: thats when they start forming attachments, developing a sense of self, and learning to trust. During this time, there are critical windows of opportunity that parents can take advantage of-if they know how. In a dozen succinct yet information-packed chapters, award-winning columnist and professional therapist Dr. Jenn Berman gives parents the knowledge they need. Her enlightening sidebars, bulleted lists, and concrete, easy-to-use strategies will help parents raise happy, healthy babies…who grow to be flourishing toddlers and successful adults.

Teaching the 3 Cs: Creativity, Curiosity, and Courtesy

Teaching the 3 Cs: Creativity, Curiosity, and Courtesy
Title Teaching the 3 Cs: Creativity, Curiosity, and Courtesy PDF eBook
Author Patricia A. Dischler
Publisher Corwin Press
Pages 185
Release 2009-10-22
Genre Education
ISBN 1412974224

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Nurture enthusiastic learners, promote school readiness, and meet state standards by integrating creativity, curiosity, and courtesy into the curriculum through developmentally appropriate, fun activities.

Wonder Art Workshop

Wonder Art Workshop
Title Wonder Art Workshop PDF eBook
Author Sally Haughey
Publisher Quarry Books
Pages 160
Release 2019-11-12
Genre Crafts & Hobbies
ISBN 1631597744

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In Wonder Art Workshop, educator and educational development expert Sally Haughey shares her approach to hands-on, play-based learning with parents, teachers, and other facilitators, offering 25 activities that let your child take the lead in developing their own sense of intrinsic motivation to imagine, experiment, and discover. The author's wonder-based approach reflects and synthesizes several child-centered educational movements, including Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, and Montessori. Become a catalyst for cultivating your child’s curious mind through these steps and activities, which start with art and apply to other subjects, including science and literacy: Take stock for your wonder journey with helpful guidance on collecting materials, preparing a space, and nurturing the process while allowing children to make independent choices. Harness curiosity through a collection of sensory-based activities that use a variety of loose parts and other creative materials for open-ended play. Encourage experimentation by unleashing your child’s inner alchemist with “potion trays” they can use to mix color, create fizzing concoctions, make play dough, and more. Unlock literacy play with activities that inspire children to imagine and create their own characters, structures, and landscapes. Give your children the precious gifts of wonder and curiosity and help them become the best they can be with Wonder Art Workshop.

Parenting For Beginners

Parenting For Beginners
Title Parenting For Beginners PDF eBook
Author Nicky Huys
Publisher Nicky Huys Books
Pages 95
Release 2024-06-25
Genre Family & Relationships

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"Parenting For Beginners" is a compassionate and practical guide for new parents navigating the challenges and joys of raising a child. Drawing from personal experiences and expert insights, this book offers invaluable advice on managing the early stages of parenthood, fostering a strong parent-child bond, and cultivating a nurturing family environment. With a lighthearted and relatable approach, it addresses common parenting dilemmas, provides helpful tips for effective communication, and encourages self-care for parents. Whether it's tackling sleepless nights or celebrating milestones, this book empowers parents with the knowledge and confidence to embrace the transformative journey of parenthood.