The Secret Life of Wallander

The Secret Life of Wallander
Title The Secret Life of Wallander PDF eBook
Author Stafford Hildred
Publisher Kings Road Publishing
Pages 200
Release 2010-10-14
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1843585847

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Almost 20 years since he first appeared in Henning Mankel's novel Faceless Killers, the sad Swedish detective Kurt Wallander has become a worldwide success story. Mankel's compelling books about the idealistic police inspector -- who is even more miserable that Morse -- have sold more than 30 million copies in 43 different languages and inspired more than 25 film adaptations. In Europe, readers took instantly to the troubled, lonely cop with his horrendous health problems and catastrophic home life. The nine Wallander novels became runaway bestsellers all over Europe, but in Britain and the United States success was slower to take off. But now, since Kenneth Branagh has taken on the central role in the acclaimed and award-winning BBC series, British and American fans have really taken Wallander to their hearts. The popularity of the character has turned the small Swedish town of Ystad into one of the country's top tourist attractions and many British and American visitors are joining the queue to visit murder scenes and immerse themselves in the bleak landscape made famous on screen. Yet Wallander is much more than just another TV crime series. Henning Mankel invented the caring policeman as a vehicle to write about the disturbing increase in violence and racism that was undermining the comfortable social democracy of Sweden. Those problems are as international as Wallander's appeal.

Adventures of Wallanders

Adventures of Wallanders
Title Adventures of Wallanders PDF eBook
Author Alex Letner
Pages 72
Release 2019-09-08
ISBN 9781691487820

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A secret life of mysterious script left on the wall of an ancient maze. A volcanic island which erupted poisonous gases and is full of mysterious knowledge. Wallanders: - They left in Labyrinth.-- They play chess standing up side down.-- One of them looks for super powers.-- They are able to cross corners.-- Pyramid temple took one of them.-- They faced power of magic substance.--A Happy End.

A Companion to Nordic Cinema

A Companion to Nordic Cinema
Title A Companion to Nordic Cinema PDF eBook
Author Mette Hjort
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 626
Release 2016-05-31
Genre Performing Arts
ISBN 1118475259

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A Companion to Nordic Cinema presents a collection of original essays that explore one of the world’s oldest regional cinemas from its origins to the present day. Offers a comprehensive, transnational and regional account of Nordic cinema from its origins to the present day Features original contributions from more than two dozen international film scholars based in the Nordic countries, the United States, Canada, Scotland, and Hong Kong Covers a wide range of topics on the distinctive evolution of Nordic cinema including the silent Golden Age, Nordic film policy models and their influence, audiences and cinephilia, Nordic film training, and indigenous Sámi cinema. Considers Nordic cinema’s engagement with global audiences through coverage of such topics as Dogme 95, the avant-garde filmmaking movement begun by Danish directors Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg, and the global marketing and distribution of Nordic horror and Nordic noir Offers fresh investigations of the work of global auteurs such as Carl Th. Dreyer, Ingmar Bergman, Lars von Trier, Aki Kaurismäki, and Roy Andersson. Includes essays on Danish and Swedish television dramas, Finland’s eco-documentary film production, the emerging tradition of Icelandic cinema, the changing dynamics of Scandinavian porn, and many more

Science Fiction, Disruption and Tourism

Science Fiction, Disruption and Tourism
Title Science Fiction, Disruption and Tourism PDF eBook
Author Ian Yeoman
Publisher Channel View Publications
Pages 406
Release 2021-12-20
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1845418697

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This book examines science fiction’s theoretical and ontological backgrounds and how science fiction applies to the future of tourism. It recreates and invents the future of tourism in a creative and disruptive manner, reconceptualising tourism through alternative and quantum leap thinking that go beyond the normative or accepted view of tourism. The chapters, focusing on areas such as disruption, sustainability and technology, draw readers into the unknown future of tourism – a future that may be disruptive, dystopian or utopian. The book brings a new theoretical paradigm to the study of tourism in a post COVID-19 world and can be used to explore, frame and even form the future of tourism. It will capture the imagination and inspire readers to address tourism’s challenges of tomorrow.

Re-investing Authenticity

Re-investing Authenticity
Title Re-investing Authenticity PDF eBook
Author Britta Timm Knudsen
Publisher Channel View Publications
Pages 309
Release 2010
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1845411277

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This book examines contemporary performances of authenticity in travel and tourism practices. It re-thinks and re-invests in the notion of authenticity as a surplus of experiential meaning and feeling that derives from what we do at / in places. Drawing on wide ranging perspectives and cases, it demonstrates how the feeling of authenticity within places is produced.

Twelve Figures in Swedish Economics

Twelve Figures in Swedish Economics
Title Twelve Figures in Swedish Economics PDF eBook
Author Mats Lundahl
Publisher Springer Nature
Pages 486
Release 2022-04-01
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 3030943275

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This book explores the development of economic thought in Sweden through some of the people who shaped it. The book highlights both some of the well-known contributions and some overlooked areas of research. It begins with the origins of the pioneer neoclassical Heckscher-Ohlin theorem and Gunnar Myrdal ’s circular, cumulative approach to economic development. Secondly, it focuses on a number of economists related to the Industrial Institute of Economic and Social Research: Ingvar Svennilson, Axel Iveroth, Jan Wallander, Erik Höök, Villy Bergström and Rolf Henriksson. Finally, it offers portraits of three economists from Lund University: Bo Södersten, Ingemar Ståhl and Göte Hansson. The work of all of them is placed within the context of the contemporary academic and public economic debate. This book aims at providing a perspective on the legacy of the Swedish tradition in economics and will be relevant to students and academics interested in the history of economic thought.

The Resilience Framework

The Resilience Framework
Title The Resilience Framework PDF eBook
Author Stefan Tengblad
Publisher Springer
Pages 264
Release 2017-08-31
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 9811053146

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This book puts forward a carefully crafted theoretical framework that makes a substantial contribution to the field of organizational resilience. It is a framework that goes far beyond the traditional crisis management perspective (accidents, scandals, etc) to an investigation of the characteristics and factors that make organizations viable over time. The book creates a much-needed link between human resource management and organizational development on the one hand, and the literature about risk and crises management and resilience engineering on the other. The book assembles several robust social science theories such as evolutionary theory, complexity theory, and institutional theory, as well as concepts from management theory such as followership, organizational trust, open innovation, and serendipity management into a coherent framework. It also integrates important models from the field of resilience engineering that have not previously been included in the research on organizational resilience. Several new models are used to present the theoretical framework, models that have relevance for researchers as well as practitioners. In addition to the theoretical framework, all chapters are set in various practical environments that both illustrate the use of resilience resources and align with the framework itself.