Title Dingo PDF eBook
Author Sally Dingo
Publisher Random House Australia
Pages 393
Release 2012-07-01
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1742748694

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The story of one of Australia's most loved film and television personalities. The Dingo family history follows the formula of any self-respecting soap opera. It's full of life, death, laughter, violence, struggle, children, poverty, alcohol, and surprisingly after all that, success. It is the stuff of overblown fiction. It is also a history shared with every other Aboriginal family, a history still unknown to many Australians. Dingo makes that incredible story truly accessible to non-Aboriginal Australians. Told through the eyes of Ernie Dingo's wife, Sally, it comes alive. It is also Sally's story. Emerging from her white middle-class existence in a sleepy Tasmanian town, Sally marries a charismatic actor and the turbulent Dingo tribe. She finds much to love and much to cry about. With the unique perspective of a white woman adopted by an Aboriginal family who is able to write about her experiences with great skill and warmth, Dingo is a story to be treasured. 'I think I have learnt more about Aboriginal society than in anything else I've heard or read for a long time.' The Sydney Morning Herald 'A book that bites deep into our consciousness'. The Sydney Morning Herald

Disturbances and Dislocations

Disturbances and Dislocations
Title Disturbances and Dislocations PDF eBook
Author Elizabeth Mackinlay
Publisher Peter Lang
Pages 300
Release 2007
Genre Education
ISBN 9783039108251

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Accompanying CD-ROM contains 15 video clips, duration ca. 21 min. Fuller listing of CD-ROM contents on p. 293-4.

Unsung Ordinary Men

Unsung Ordinary Men
Title Unsung Ordinary Men PDF eBook
Author Sally Dingo
Publisher Hachette Australia
Pages 247
Release 2010-11-01
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 0733627552

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After spending over three years in the horrific prisoner-of-war camps, including those along the Thai-Burma Railway, Sally Dingo's father Max was one of the fortunate ones: he came home. And yet, like most of the 22,000 Australian POWs of the Japanese, he would not, or could not, talk about what happened with those closest to him. It is also the story of Max's father Mort, who had served in World War I, the story of Max's cobbers - the perhaps unique community of ex-POWs who kept each other going - and the story of the mothers, wives and children who tried to understand what their men were still going through, decades later. This is the story of men, unsung and ordinary, who defended their country and were reluctant to tell the tale.

CultureShock! Australia

CultureShock! Australia
Title CultureShock! Australia PDF eBook
Author Ilsa Sharp
Publisher Marshall Cavendish International Asia Pte Ltd
Pages 482
Release 2012-09-20
Genre Travel
ISBN 9814408905

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CultureShock! Australia is chock-full of information that will help you assimilate effortlessly into life in the land Down Under. Written in an easy-to-read style, this book covers all the basics for settling in, including the options you should consider before deciding whether to have a pool in your backyard or a full-fledged garden in the front, and what to do when your teenagers assert their rights. Peer beneath the laid-back veneer of the Australian people and learn more about what they hold dear as well as their attitudes towards ‘tall poppies’ and multiculturalism. Discover how to entertain guests around the ‘barbie’ and what to do when given a ‘shout’. Find out more about how to speak Strine as well as how important leisure is in the Australian working world. CultureShock! Australia is the only guide you will need to fully understand the Aussie people and their culture and truly enjoy your stay in the land of the Southern Cross.

Following Jesus in Invaded Space

Following Jesus in Invaded Space
Title Following Jesus in Invaded Space PDF eBook
Author Chris Budden
Publisher James Clarke & Company
Pages 190
Release 2011-07-27
Genre Religion
ISBN 0227903102

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Christianity is never just about beliefs, but habits and practices - for better or worse. Theology always reflects the social location of the theologian - including her privileges and prejudices - all the time working with a particular, often undisclosed, notion of what is normal. Therefore, theology is never 'neutral' - it defends particular constructions of reality, and it promotes certain interests. Following Jesus in Invaded Space asks what - and whose - interests theology protects when itis part of a community that invaded the land of indigenous peoples. Developing a theological method and position that self-consciously acknowledges the church's role in occupying Aboriginal land in Australia, it dares to speak of God, church, and justice in the context of past history and continuing dispossession. Hence, a 'Second People's theology' emerges through constant and careful attention to experiences of invasion and dislocation brought into dialogue with the theological landscape or tradition of the church. Being a descendant of some of the first English invaders in Australia and a witness to the continuing inadequate recognition of the Church's past mistakes in this country, theologian Chris Budden felt a strong need to write this book. Leaving the past behind does not mean ignoring it, and an acknowledgement of mistakes is a prerequisite to any fruitful discourse between invaders and invaded. In our endeavours to help the marginalised and the indigenous, Budden warns us against the arrogance of pitying them as 'poor superstitious things' who can only be helped by our own superior concept of divine grace. As Budden puts it: 'We need to keep listening for voices that remind us that our normal is not necessarily everybody's normal.' His book encourages us to recognise and appreciate the diverse perspectives of minority theologians. It is not just about giving a voice to these people. It is about being able to hear their own voice, to understand it, and then reinterpret our own tradition according to it.

Race, Colour and Identity in Australia and New Zealand

Race, Colour and Identity in Australia and New Zealand
Title Race, Colour and Identity in Australia and New Zealand PDF eBook
Author John Docker
Publisher UNSW Press
Pages 310
Release 2000
Genre Aboriginal Australians
ISBN 9780868405384

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Fourteen academics and writers from the land down under present papers on aboriginal identity, Asians in Australia, Australians in Asia, bi- and multiculturalism in New Zealand, and whiteness, most of which were presented at the 1998 Sydney conference, Adventures of Identity: Constructing the Multic

Rednecks, Eggheads and Blackfellas

Rednecks, Eggheads and Blackfellas
Title Rednecks, Eggheads and Blackfellas PDF eBook
Author Gillian Cowlishaw
Publisher Routledge
Pages 265
Release 2020-08-02
Genre Law
ISBN 1000247112

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This lively book brings the reader close to the people from a remote cattle station in far north Australia, where black and white peoples' lives have been intertwined over the span of 80 years. Tracing the humorous, savage and ordinary ways in which race structured intimate and everyday relationships across a great divide, Gillian Cowlishaw makes startling and original arguments about race relations. By investigating specific patterns of interaction on Australia's cultural frontier, Rednecks, Eggheads and Blackfellas illustrates how anthropologists, pastoralists and government officials squabbled about Aborigines as they intruded into their country, controlled aspects of their lives, and dominated the way they were represented in the public realm. The ironic title hints that the difference between 'redneck' pastoralists and 'egghead' anthropologists is not so great as might be imagined. Aborigines were central to the projects of both kinds of whitefellas. Weaving the shifts in government policy and public opinion with accounts of their sometimes ludicrous impact on outback communities, this book brings to life the complexities of living with racial categories. And it asks why increasingly enlightened anti-racist policies seldom seem to have worked as intended, even in this era of self-determination. This thought provoking work will speak not only to anthropologists and those interested in Aboriginal Australia, but to scholars of race more generally, especially in the burgeoning field of whiteness studies.